to bae or not to bae

me: (thinks something mean)
me: dont be fucking rude

J*rkidiot needs to delete next!


Composition 496 (paint and glitter on laser print) by Chad Wys (web/tumblr/fb/s6)

Why yall sleepin on that selfie

Anonymous said: What do you mean you're not really sure? :o

the last few times ive liked people i got hurt so !


Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you’d be dead.”

Gummo (1997) dir. Harmony Korine

you are fireworks lit at sunrise
you are summer moonrise

Anonymous said: you have any crushes rn? c:

Im not really sure tbh

Andy Warhol, Botticelli, 1984


This video shows Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Christine, and Derrick joking around about RAPING and hurting Victoria. This is not only a violation of their Big Brother contracts but also a violation of federal law, as it is a crime to even talk about inflicting violence or harm on another person. I don’t care who you want to win Big Brother, I don’t care who you’re a fan of. Talking about women this way is WRONG and something has to be done about it. You can play Big Brother as kindly, cruelly, dirty, or clean as you’d like, but you cannot play Big Brother threatening to take someone’s virginity against their will after getting them drunk, get “blood everywhere”, and then laugh about it. At least not without getting put on blast on the internet.

Please spread this around on Tumblr, Twitter, any other social media you have, and pass it on to any blogs you follow that are relevant. We can’t let comments like this go unnoticed.